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About Us

BrainSkills@Work provides practical, yet  innovative neuroscience- based tools and strategies that successfully build new brain habits that result in greater self-awareness, higher level perceptions and the ability to engage empathy and make new, more conscious choices leading to greater personal and professional success.

Our highly experienced consultants bring a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences, and each has significant expertise in the areas of diversity, inclusion and Equity. Meet the team


Our primary focus in working with organizations and individuals is in the following key topic areas:

  • Inclusion Diversity, Equity


  • Increasing Resiliency

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Dynamics for Success

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Why Neuroscience?

N euroscience provides compelling new information on how to work from the Higher Brain more effectively and consistently.  It is fom the Higher Brain that we can access higher levels of self-awareness, find and hold more open-minded perceptions, and make conscious choices that result in new patterns of thinking and behaving.

Brain-Based Tools and Resources


BrainStates Management™Model

BrainStates Management is a neuroscience-based approach to developing more effective and successful inclusion, stress management and leadership skills. This neuroscience-based system provides  practical, yet powerful,  tools and strategies for learning to operate from the Higher Brain more consistently. From the Higher Brain we can access higher levels of self-awareness, find and hold more open-minded perceptions, and make conscious choices that result in higher level outcomes.  Read more

Watch short video of the BtrainStates Management Model 

BrainStates Awareness Profile©

The BrainStates Awareness Profile© is a cutting-edge neuroscience-based tool that provides  individuals with personal feedback on their BrainState tendencies, and indicates their strengths and areas of development on 7 key dimensions of neuroscience underlying their ability to operate from the Higher Brain.  It is from the higher brain that it is possible to access open-minded perceptions and possibilities, engage empathy, consider different perspectives, and most effectively recognize and override biases.   Read more



"Inclusion and the Brain: Building Trust Across Differences"

DIversity Business Review

Journal,  Sept, 2020

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