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BrainStates Management™ 

BrainStates Management

BrainStates Management™  is a neuroscience-based approach to developing higher level leadership and inclusion skills. It is based on the concept of brain states, and provides powerful brain-based tools and strategies for accessing higher levels of self-awareness throughout the day. With high levels of self-awareness online it becomes possible to more consciously and consistently choose positive attitudes and behaviors resulting in more purpose driven outcomes.

Bottom Line



Whatever brain state is dominating at any given moment will directly impact how you see the world.  How you see the world greatly determines what you do next.  Learn your brain state tendencies and increase your Higher Brain capacity!


The BrainStates Management™ System develops the ability to shift and operate from the Higher Brain.


From the Higher Brain, it is possible to:

  • Consistently access higher levels of thinking - even under pressure and stress

  • Consciously override biases and assumptions 

  • Demonstrate behaviors aligned with higher values and ideals, more consistently and effectively

  • Engage the positive brain

  • Access and maintain high levels of enthusiasm and engagement


The BrainStates Awareness Profile© is built on the neuroscience of perception, choices, and self-awareness.  These three key processes in the brain impact our ability to operate from our highest and best self. 


Perception: How open or closed the brain’s perceptual field is to new ideas, new possibilities and able it is to move toward making new choices.


Conscious vs. Unconscious Choices: The range and quality of the choices the brain has available - the degree to which one’s choices are being driven more by the unconscious brain or the conscious brain.


Self-awareness: How much awareness and insight into your own your thoughts and feelings you have access to. Self awareness increases as you move towards the higher brain.

Perception, Choice, and Self-Awareness



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