The Neuroscience of Positive Change

 BrainStates Awareness Profile© (BSAProfile)

  • Recognize personal BrainState tendencies and underlying thinking/ feeling patterns

  • Shift BrainStates and operate from the Higher Brain

  • Access higher levels of thinking

  • Make new, more effective behavioral choices

  • Recognize and override unconscious biases more consistently

  • Keep the positive brain online to effectively build trust and increase collaboration

  • Consciously engage compassion and empathy

The BrainStates Awareness Profile Profile is based on 7 key dimensions of neuroscience, and provides individuals with personal information and insight into their own brain state tendencies, and provides specific tools, strategies skills to be able to: 

 7 KEY

Dimensions of Neuroscience

The BrainStates Awareness Profile© provides individuals is based on the following key dimensions of neuroscience:

  • Thinking / Meta Cognition

  • Brain Energy

  • Attention Positivity

  • Physical Body / Physiology

  • Actions / Behaviors

  • Shifting BrainStates

  • Underlying Beliefs

The BSAProfile Report also provides brain-based tool, strategies and tips for building capacity in those dimensions needing more development.

The BSAProfile Report provides individuals with a personal score on each of the 7 dimensions of neuroscience (see example graph  below). Overall, this these dimensions represent an individual's areas of strength and areas of development regarding their ability  to operate from the Higher Brain consistently. (Any of the bars that do not show in the green are areas of development).

The BSAP Report has so many great strategies for shifting brain states and helping others be more optimistic, open-minded and able to effectively change their behavior.  Thank You!"

Partcipant, Winter Session, 2019

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