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The BrainStates Awareness Profile© (BSAProfile)

        What is the BrainStates             Awareness Profile©?

the BSAProfile is Based on:

7 Key Dimensions

of Neursocience

The BrainStates Awareness Profile© provides individuals with specific feedback on their BrainState tendencies, and provides specific tools and strategies for learning to operate from the Higher Brain more consistently based on 7 Key Dimensions of neuroscience: 

  • Thinking / Meta Cognition

  • Brain Energy

  • Attention Positivity

  • Physical Body / Physiology

  • Actions / Behaviors

  • Shifting BrainStates

  • Underlying Beliefs

  • Recognize their BrainState tendencies and underlying thinking/ feeling patterns

  • Shift BrainStates to access higher levels of thinking

  • Make new, more effective behavioral choices

  • Recognize and override unconscious biases more consistently

  • Keep the positive brain online to effectively build trust and increase collaboration

  • Consciously engage compassion and empathy

Become Certified in the BrainStates Awareness Profile and increase your own and others'

abilities to

N euroscience now provides compelling new information on how to work with the brain in ways that improve self-awareness and increases flexible thinking, curiosity, open-mindedness and the ability to consistently engage in new behavior patterns that result in higher level outcomes.

Based on the BrainStates Management Model©, this Profile provides you with personal information and insight into your own higher brain state tendencies, and gives you specific tools and strategies for how to operate from the higher brain more consistently.





Session I

The Brain and Self-Awareness: Understanding The BrainStates Awareness Profile©

Session II

Managing the Unconscious Brain and Biases:

3 Key Skills


Session III

Outsmarting the Brain's Negativity Bias: BrainStates Management™

Session IV

The Neuroscience of Appreciation: Building Connections and Trust Across Differences

Session V

Coaching and Training Others: The BrainStates Awareness Profile©:

Session VI

Applications for Success 


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