The Neuroscience of Positive Change


BrainStates Awareness Profile©

Virtual Certification Program





Session I

The Brain and Self-Awareness: Understanding The BrainStates Awareness Profile©

Session II

Managing the Unconscious Brain and Biases:

3 Key Skills


Session III

Outsmarting the Brain's Negativity Bias: BrainStates Management™

Session IV

The Neuroscience of Appreciation: Building Connections and Trust Across Differences

Session V

Coaching and Training Others: The BrainStates Awareness Profile©:

Session VI

Applications for Success 


Help yourself and others to:

  • Practice brain-based strategies for managing unconscious biases more effectively

  • Significantly advance inclusion skills in real time

  • Consciously access more open-minded perceptions and inclusive behaviors - even under pressure and stress!

  • Recognize and override unconscious biases and behaviors

  • Recognize and shift brain states to focus on positive goals and achieve higher level outcomes

  • Understand your own BrainState tendencies and how to override thinking/feeling patterns that hinder effective action

  • Consistently access higher levels of thinking and problem solving

  • Keep the positive brain online to effectively build trust and increase collaboration

  • Effectively manage internal and external distractions.

  • Consciously choose high impact, positive behaviors

Become Certified in the BrainStates Awareness Profile and increase your own and others'

abilities to

            Training / Coaching Tool Kit

The certification provides you with everything you need to successfully conduct training and coaching programs including:

  • A thorough understanding of our neuroscience-based framework for higher level leadership and inclusion skills 

  • Comprehensive Leaders' Guide

  • PowerPoint Presentation Slides

  • Handouts and Graphics 

  • Group and Individual Discussion Guides


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