Senior Consultant Bios

Tony Orange

Tony is a master facilitator with over 25 years of experience supporting private and public organizations with dynamic and engaging customized training programs, curriculum design, program design, management and consulting. He has successfully facilitated hundreds of trainings throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. During his many years as Vice President in a national management consulting firm specializing in diversity and inclusion. Tony is also known for his exceptional ability to work one on one with senior executives helping them increase their personal ability to be inclusive. Tony holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Ohio, and is certified in many training tools and assessments.

Lillian A. Tsai 

Lillian specializes in the facilitation, training, design and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies and programs, cross-cultural competency, and intercultural communications. Born and raised in Malaysian Borneo, Lillian also specializes in coaching minorities and managers of minorities. With global business expertise, Lillian brings 25 years of experience in global high tech marketing and communications, including an expatriate Global Director of Corporate Marketing assignment in Stuttgart, Germany. She has worked with multiple industries, including aerospace, academia, food service, healthcare, semiconductor, law enforcement,

government/public agencies, not-for-profits, transportation, and consumer products.  


Tatyana Fertelmeyster


Originally from Russia, Tatyana is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion with a special emphasis assisting clients in building competence to navigate the complex intercultural, interpersonal, and intrapersonal processes. As a licensed clinical counselor, her professional experience includes providing resettlement services to refugees and counseling to individuals and families going through cultural transitions. Tatyana is the co-author of Cultural Detective: Russia, and she is also a Master Trainer of Facilitators for the Cultural Detective® model. Tatyana received an M.A. in Journalism from Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) and an MA in Guidance and Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago, IL)



Janice Downing

Janice Downing has 29 years of experience as a broad human resources professional with a specialty in diversity and inclusion training and consulting.  As a certified Professional in Human Systems Dynamics (PHSD), Affirmative Action Planning, and Business Process Improvements. Janice is skilled at using assessments to identify the root cause of a problem, and uses innovative strategies to determine what needs to be done from the people management perspective such as organization-wide team development initiatives. Janice's down-to-earth style and straightforward manner make it easy for her to adapt to multiple situations and styles. As a former, Director of Staffing of EEO/AA, Janice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience helping organizations integrate regulartory reguirements with diversity and inclusion strategy and training objectives.