The Neuroscience of Positive Change


Participant Comments

  • “A great new approach for helping clients who are struggling with the current climate of incivility in the workplace.” 

  • “Knowing how to describe and explain unconscious bias from a scientific standpoint is very powerful.”

  • “So many great strategies for shifting brain states and helping others be more optimistic, open-minded and able to effectively change their behavior.”

  • “The global conversations were invaluable - such a unique opportunity!”

  • “I took this course to gain knowledge that I could use with my clients, but it was also for ME about how I can shift my own BrainStates with the challenges I face in my life.”

  • “I found the strategies for helping people increase their self-awareness to be invaluable.”

  • “Understanding the science of appreciation and it’s positive impact on inclusion skills.” 

  • I feel empowered by being able to recognize when others are sliding out of the higher brain and how to react in brain smart ways.”

  • “Receiving actual tools, tips and techniques for advancing inclusion awareness and knowledge is such a gift.  Thank you!”

  • “Knowing how to recognize my own and others’  brain states is a powerful tool for me professionally and personally.”

  • “Learning about myself will help me to understand others better and may help them.”