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The BrainStates Awareness Profile© 

The BrainStates Self-Awareness Profile© is a neuroscience-based tool that provides individuals with personal feedback on their BrainState tendencies, and indicates their strengths and areas of development on 7 key dimensions of neuroscience that underly their ability to operate from the Higher Brain more consistently.

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Based on the BrainStates Management Model© this Profile provides you with information and insight into your own and your client's Higher BrainState tendencies, and provides specific tools and strategies for learning to operate from the Higher Brain more consistently in three key areas of performance:

  • inclusion skills

  • creating trust-based communications 

  • decision making

N euroscience now provides compelling new information on how to work with the brain in ways that improve self-awareness and increases flexible thinking, curiosity, open-mindedness and the ability to consistently engage in new behavior patterns that result in higher level outcomes.

The Profile Increases Higher Brain Perceptions and Outcomes



From the higher brain, it is possible to:

  • Consciously access new possibilities

  • Consistently activate higher levels of perception 

  • Actively demonstrate behaviors aligned with higher values and ideals

  • Override unconscious and implicit bias

  • Access and maintain high levels of enthusiasm and engagement



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