The Neuroscience of Positive Change

BrainStates Awareness Profile© 

Certification Program



The BrainStates Awareness Profile Certification Program provides you with everything you need to help others (and yourself) develop new brain skills. Conduct a BSA Profile program or coaching session with your client / organization, and provide them with new, practical brain-based skills that will significantly increase their abilities to:

  • Recognize and override unconscious biases and behaviors

  • Shift BrainStates to focus on positive goals and achieve higher level outcomes

  • Establish positive, new thinking and behavior patterns

  • Develop higher levels of self-awareness 

  • Consistently access higher levels of thinking and problem solving

  • Keep the positive brain online and effectively build trust and increase collaboration across differences

  • Effectively manage internal and external distractions

  • Consciously choose high impact, positive behaviors


 Certification Program 

Dates & Topics 

As a Certified BSAProfile provider, you will receive licensed permission to conduct training and coaching sessions using our cutting-edge  BrainSkills@Work copyrighted materials. These include:

PowerPoint slides (or Keynote)

  • Short, fun videos

  • Participant handouts

  • Interactive application exercises

  • A comprehensive Leader's Guide

  • Ability to administer and manage your BSAProfile clients on the BrainStates Awareness Profile website

This course exceeded my expectations. Now I can give my clients the science underlying unconscious biases and inclusion skills and truly help them be more collaborative and successful.

     Participant, Summer Program, 2020  


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