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Today’s leaders need to know how to respond quickly and efficiently to ongoing changes in their organizations. Today’s leaders must be creative, open minded, and manage ambiguity and fluid situations while supporting employees with care and understanding. This level of complexity requires a new approach using higher levels of thinking and responding.


The highly competent leaders of the future will be those who can manage their own brains. Understanding that perception is tied to brain states, and that brain states can be recognized and managed gives leaders the ability to shift to more open and inspired perceptions providing access to a fuller range of possibilities, options and behaviors. Learning to shift to the higher brain is important in leadership competencies such as decision making, strategic planning, innovation, managing change and increasing employee engagement and performance.


Self-awareness is an essential leadership competency, and neuroscience is providing significant new information about how to work with the brain and maintain higher levels of self-awareness throughout the day - even in high pressure and stressful situations.

"Developing the ability to shift brain states has given our leaders new tools for staying focused on shared interests, and collaborating at a new level. The self-assessment process was particularaly helpful for raising our leaders' ability to stay aware and consciously keep their brains focused on new possibilities. Great training."  


                                             - Sr. Leader, Health Care Industry

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