The Neuroscience of Positive Change



Neuroscience is revealing that when the rules change, the brain falters. Neurosience is also providing cutting edge information and insights into what blocks change and makes it difficult, as well as how to work with the brain to access and maintain resilience, increase brain energy, and keep the positive brain online.   


Change is now the new normal, and this challenging for the brain.  It is nw essential to have brain skills in order to navigate the uncertainty and challenges of change successfully.


Working with brain and learning to keep the brain moving forward provides tremendous opportunities for realizing possibilities rather than limitations. This involves being able to:  


  • Go out of pattern and manage dissonance

  • Keep the brain's reward center engaged 

  • Consciously use attention to manage brain energy

  • Engage the prefrontal cortex to prevent narrowed perceptions under pressure and stress

  • Cultivate positive emotions and build the positive brain

  • Manage brain states to maximize quality and quantity of available choices



  • Neuroscience of Change and Resiliency


  • Leading Positive Change


  • Sustaining High Motivation and Engagement in Change

  • Brain Energy: Building Resiliency


These are sample programs.  We

can design a specific change and resiliency  programs to meet your exact needs.




Client Comment

"We have done change management programs over the years, but this training was so much more powerful. Using brain science to build personal resiliency skills is a real game changer!  Thank you so much."

         -Director, Leadership                               Development, Banking Industry


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