The Neuroscience of Positive Change


Neuroscience-Based Training Programs


Based on hundreds of neuroscience studies, our training and coaching programs provide practical, brain-based tools to significantly increase your skills in the competency areas of diversity and inclusion, transformational leadership, team excellence, and resiliency and change.  


All of our neuroscience based training programs help individuals develop brain skills that increase self awareness, improve decision making, and keep the brain moving forward towards higher level outcomes and results.


Our BrainStates Management™ approach is based on the neuroscience of perception, self awareness and conscious choice. It is a pratical new framework for increasing adult learning effectiveness and the behavior change process.


Our core courses are customized to the specifc needs of each client.  Additionally, program topic areas can be developed upon request.


We also provide consulting services to integrate neuroscience findings into your current training curriculum. 


Training programs are customized to the needs of each client

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  • Leading with the Brain in Mind

  • The Inclusive Leader

  • Influencing Others

  • Leading Positive Change

  • Building and Leading Synergistic Teams

  • Transformational Communication 


  • Neuroscience of Inclusion

  • Managing Unconscious Bias

  • Neuroscience of Engagement

  • The Brain and Building Trust Across Differences

  • The Inclusive Leader

  • Building Brain-based Inclusion Skills


  • Creating Team Excellence

  • Building Highly Collaborative Diverse Teams

  • The Brain and Effective Team



  • Neuroscience of Change and Resiliency

  • Leading Positive Change

  • Sustaining High Motivation and Engagement in


  • Brain Energy: Building Resiliency


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