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The Neuroscience of Positive Change

BrainStates Management

BrainStates Management™  is a neuroscience-based approach to developing higher level leadership and inclusion skills. It is based on the concept of brain states, and provides powerful brain-based tools and strategies for accessing higher levels of self-awareness throughout the day. With high levels of self-awareness online it becomes possible to more consciously and consistently choose positive attitudes and behaviors resulting in more purpose driven outcomes.

The BrainStates Management™ System develops the ability to shift and operate from the higher brain. 


From the higher brain, it is possible to:

  • Consciously access new possibilities

  • Consistently activate higher levels of perception 

  • Actively demonstrate behaviors aligned with higher values and ideals

  • Override unconscious and implicit bias

  • Access and maintain high levels of enthusiasm and engagement



Perception: How open the brain’s perceptual field is to new ideas, new possibilities and able to move toward creating new patterns and new outcomes.


Choice: The range and quality of the choices the brain has available - the degree to which one’s choices are being driven more by the unconscious brain or the conscious brain.


Self-Awareness: How much awareness and insight into your own your thoughts and /feelings you have access to. Self awareness increases as you move towards the higher brain.

Learn your brain state tendencies and increase

your higher brain capacity!   

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