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The Neuroscience of Positive Change


BrainStates Awareness Profile©

Virtual Certification Program

"The certification course was simply excellent. Mary and Shannon are excellent facilitators, with light touches, a great pace, a nice mix of input and discussion, and real clarity in where we were heading  I would most definitely recommend this certification program to anyone in the coaching or training areas. The content is rich, practical and effective!"

Kay B., Positive Psychology Coach,

Provence, France


                   PROGRAM AGENDA


Session I: Tues., Feb 11

The Brain and Self-Awareness: Understanding The BrainStates Self-Awareness Profile©

Session II: Thrus., Feb. 20

Managing the Unconscious Brain and Biases:

3 Key Skills


Session III: Tues., Feb 25

Outsmarting the Brain's Negativity Bias: BrainStates Management™

Session IV: Thurs., March 5

The Neuroscience of Appreciation: Building Connections and Trust Across Differences

Session V: Tues., March 17

Coaching and Training Others: The BrainStates Self-Awareness Profile©:

Session VI: Tues., March 31

Applications for Success 

Become a certified BrainStates Management 

provider and help others (and yourself!) to: 

  • Consciously choose high impact behaviors in three key areas of performance: inclusion, trust-based communications, and decision making

  • Recognize and override unconscious biases and behaviors

  • Harness the brain’s ability to focus on positive goals and achieve higher level outcomes

  • Understand their own brain state tendencies and learn skills to override thinking/feeling patterns that hinder effective action

  • Recognize and shift brain states and access higher levels of thinking and problem solving

  • Keep the positive brain online to effectively build trust and increase collaboration

  • Effectively manage internal and external distractions


Program Fee $1,700 

$1,500 early bird

before Jan 31, 2020

            Training / Coaching Tool Kit

The certification provides you with everything you need to successfully conduct training and coaching programs including:

  • A thorough understanding of our neuroscience-based framework for higher level leadership and inclusion skills 

  • Comprehensive Leaders' Guide

  • PowerPoint Presentation Slides

  • Handouts and Graphics 

  • Group and Individual Discussion Guides